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Making your dreams a reality



Studio Portraits

Take any type of portrait you can imagine in our very own portrait studio.  Or take the studio with you to your own location.  We have packages available that include multiple locations.  Our photographers will direct you in making sure you get the best poses that you will love.


Modeling Portfolios

Our photographers will work with you to put the best modeling portfolio together that you could imagine.  We can touch-up photos in many different way to ensure that you look your best.  Take photos in our very own studio, or venture out into the world to take photos in your favorite places.


Music Videos

We can provide direction, lighting, filming, editing, and coordinating for music video production.  We work with you to create the music video that attaches to your song in any way you desire.  Embracing your artistic desires is our priority.



Filming and production of commercials and informercials are our specialty.  We can create whatever you like for your company.



Studio Recording

We have a professional recording studio for professional artists.  From vocal recording to a full studio for instrumentalists recording tracks, we have what you need to get a great musical track recorded for you.


Sound Engineering and Mastering

We take your professional studio recording for mixing and mastering your recording into a professional musical track production.


Live Sound

We can provide live sound for bands and churches.  Microphones, speakers, bass, and more are available.


Commerical Jingles

We have production capabilities for radio and TV commercials including recording commercial company jingles that your customers will always remember.

"I went to a wedding where GEMS MCd the event. They were fantastic."

--Stan J.

Production Bottom

Venue Lighting

Let us transform your restaurant, club, or other event venue into the 3rd dimension.  We create custom designs for permanent or one-time intelligent lighting shows.  Give your club or event venue that extra special character that patrons will remember.  Call today to work with one of a kind lighting artists to design the look and feel of your club, restaurant, or event venue.



We use theatrical lighting to assist in telling your story.  Have an idea about the sequence of lighting that will show throughout your play?  We can sit down with you and design the sequence.  We help to bring your play to life.

Intelligent Lighting

This is the ultimate lighting experience that complements the music at any event.  Intelligent lights flash and respond to the beat of the music.  It is meant to resemble a dance club experience.  Lights are installed and raised high on a truss segment.  Many lights project heavily throughout the venue.


We can light your band.  We make the lights follow the beats of your music and assist in creating excitement for your fans while you play your songs.  With a vast array of lighting, we can create any mood that you like, changing from song to song throughout your set.


This is the ultimate in customized lighting.  This laser animation projection is unlike any other way to display a logo, phrase, or other design.  Imagine your business logo displayed in an array of different colors, panning from left to right or up and down.  Imagine a very unique Welcome Sign or Happy Birthday sign.  The possibilities are endless.  You'll be amazed and your attendees will be too!​​




There is no other wall and ceiling accentuation like fabric swag.  Imagine beautiful curtains over windows, or even over bare, otherwise boring walls.  Fabric swag is cloth that is hung in beautiful ways to bring a new demension to your event venue.  You won't believe what we can do with fabric swag.



The lights dance intelligently to the music.  Notice how the lights change color with the beat in the above video.

Not only it does the light show pour light onto the dance floor, but it looks amazing from the dance floor too.  This is one of an infinite number of lighting options.  Check us out for ideas today!

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